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international search engines

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One of the most popular website in the world (however according to the bulletin, a free version
Indonesia issued by dated 26
October 2001, now has fallen down from sequence to sequence-14 to
50th. This search site, according provides listings
search the site for directory
Submission URL:

This search site integrates the URL sent by you the following data
the popularity of your site. Sites frequented by visitors for
obtain certain information in the sequence is higher than a site that is continuously never or a little visit. DirectHit listing his service on the AT & T Worldnet
(Http://;,,,, and
Submission URL:

It's become one of the 10 major search sites according to and So if the site you want
known then register this search to your site, and register to the network
excite. Network also consists of Magellan Software
(Http:// and
Submission URL:

Google now has been on the rise until the order to the third world, your site can be registered here as well to a search site called Ask Jeeves, or also the Northern Light search engine and D, this site has a range of visitors who pretty much. Submission URL:

Like Excite, Go (Infoseek used to be called), be different with
Other search sites .. But still remain at large in terms of the order of 10
get the number of visits.
Submission URL:

You will not get the search engine called Inktomi. And indeed, Inktomi does not want you to get it. But if you register Your site at Inktomi (via HotBot), your site must be listed on
Yahoo!, AOL Search, Snap, GoTo, MSN, HotBot, and is also listed on
more than 80 other search sites.
Submission URL:

This directory has been created for the database to share its category form
link with MSN,, CNN, and Time Warner.
Submission URL:

By several parties claimed that, Lycos has a total coverage
The second highest visitors from other search sites. In order for your site
registered with Lycos, then register via Direct Hit and Open Directory
(Http://, if you want can also direct, well here's the link.
Submission URL:

9.Open Directory (
First is "NewHoo," if you can the listed site on the Open Directory is also automatically enrolled in 134 sites, including AltaVista, AOL Search (, HotBot (http://hotbot.lycos . com), Lycos, and Netscape ( Can register at their site and received by the Open directory is a dream of every webmaster and internet marketer because this is the Open directory in the know are very selective and "difficult" to accept a site for the insert into the database. If you open your site in this directory then the value of your site will be good "eyes" of other search engines and will automatically search the index by 134 sites and thereby increase your site ranking and popularity of these.
Submission URL:

10.RealNames (
If you prefer, you can budget about $ 100 per year, you can make your URL with the keywords so that people go straight into your site even though it only just typing in keywords on the internet explorer browser. RealNames Web site will also show you if someone typed in keywords that you have purchased as well as on the following search engines,, AltaVista, Dogpile, MSN, Google, Go, and Looksmart.

This is the most popular search sites on the internet, No. 1. According to Media Metrix, more than 60% of web visitors use these facilities every months. Submission URL: Yahoo! Not have it. But you can go to a page on Yahoo! And the contents of the information contained there and the editors of Yahoo! Will be enrolled after being


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planet link

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